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Teach Altra Residents present local Super Valu with hand-drawn map of Newmarket

Teach Altra Nursing Home Residents put Newmarket on the Map!

Photo showing a Jackie from Teach Altra Nursing Home map of Newmarket, County Cork drawn by Teach Altra residents to Super Valu in Newmarket

Our fabulous Teach Altra residents  presented a hand-drawn map of the town of Newmarket, Co. Cork to the local Super Valu store just before Christmas.

Our residents spent many the long hour in preparing the painting that shows all the local businesses and amenities in a colourful map format. The painting will go up on the wall of Super Valu, Newmarket with a caption reading ‘Created by Teach Altra, the folks who live up on the hill’!

And sure enough, you can see Teach Altra in the foreground of the painting, right above the caption!

Our residents thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece as well as the many conversations they had about times gone by and the development of the town over time. They are delighted to see it occupying pride of place in the town. As are the local residents and Super Valu.

Pictured above are Jackie Hurley (Activities Coordinator in Teach Altra Nursing Home), Kathleen O Riordan (Supervisor in SuperValu, Newmarket) and one of our contributing residents Nora May Kelliher.

Bualadh bos go léir!

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