Offering a fresh approach to nursing home care

Long Term Residential Care

Evergreen Care offers many different types of care depending on individual needs. One such option is Long Term Residential Care, where we provide safe and comfortable living for our residents, giving them that home away from home feeling.

Our residential care promotes independence and ensures dignity and respect for our residents while they transition into long term care.

Our 9 homes are centered around creating a caring and happy community that focus on;

  • Activities – Activities and care plans tailored to meet your physical needs and abilities allowing you to choose how busy you want to be.
  • Trips – Outings are organised regularly for the residents that enjoy the outdoors, bringing them into the local community. These simple outdoor trips are a source of so much enjoyment, laughter and joy!
  • Not only do we bring our residents out into the community, but we also encourage visits from family, friends and relatives all day every day.
  • Menus – A range of hot and cold meals are provided by our experienced chefs, with options changing daily. We cater for all dietary needs while ensuring the food both looks great and tastes delicious.

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