Offering a fresh approach to nursing home care

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care

At Evergreen Care, we specialise in delivering dementia and Alzheimer’s care for people living with dementia across each of our nine nursing homes. Dementia is the name for a range of conditions that cause damage to the brain which can affect memory, thinking, language and the ability to carry out everyday tasks.

Most cases of dementia are progressive so the symptoms get worse over time. At Evergreen Care, our dedicated and experienced team are passionate about providing care to residents living with Dementia from the early stages through to the late stages.

Each person with dementia experience their symptoms differently. The staff at Evergreen Care have received specialized training so that they are fully equipped to focus on individualized needs.

We understand that a warm, comfortable and supportive environment can bring great happiness and a new lease of life to many people suffering with Dementia. We ensure that your loved ones are respected as independent adults and cared for by a committed, professional team across our nine nursing homes.

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